Review Request

Dear authors, publishers and other publishing agents/staff,

Thank you for your interest in Cherry Dragon (CD)! For review requests please contact us at:
reviewrequest [at] cherrydragon [dot] net

For books, please provide the following information:
  • book synopsis
  • author information
  • links to any sites related to the book or author, i.e., GoodReads link, social networking link(s).

  • Your request will then be shared among CD contributors/readers and if there are any takers, that contributor/reader will contact you for further information and/or to send you the link of the review. Please note that all review requests received is filed and would be looked at and perused at a later date. If and when we get a break in our schedule for reviews, we might pick a book from among the review requests as a possible source of books to review at CD. If and when we review a book picked from a previous review request, we do not necessarily need a review copy, we may borrow that book from the library or purchase it ourselves. Please do not email us ebooks without a confirmed review commitment from a reader. We do not want you to waste copies of your books without getting your money's worth, so to speak.

    If and when you have provided us with a review copy or will be providing us a review copy, note that you will be getting an honest review. Therefore, please do not expect a positive or raving review just because we agreed to review the book or accepted the review copy. By providing us a review copy you are agreeing to take the risk of getting a review which may not be positive.

    We are also getting numerous review requests and sometimes we cannot keep up so please note that you may not get a reply.